The “Affirmative Action Map” consists of an illustrative and georeferenced map of active models of racial quota in public tenders in Brazil. Its objective is to organize and disseminate updated information on the functioning of racial quotas in public tenders and on this policy’s beneficiaries. The existing experiences are identified at national, federal, state, and municipal level, mapping the different existing legal frameworks.

    The Map is created within the research project “Affirmative Action and Public Bureaucracy”, of the Latin-American College of Global Studies, and is funded by the “Fundo de Apoio à Pesquisa do Distrito Federal – FAP-DF” with the support of the Faculty of Law of the University of Brasilia and of the “Faculdade Latino-Americana de Ciências Sociais – FLACSO”.

    Clicking on the map’s locations allows visualization of data regarding each public entity. On the magnifying glass icon, it is possible to set filters by coverage, target group, percentage of reserved slots, the existence of Self-declaration Verification Committees, reservations for commissioned posts and non-valid or expired legislation.